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Whilst nutrition information is readily available it is often confusing, conflicting and filled with endless rules "eat this, don’t eat that, eat so many times per day, eat this with that but not with that",it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

We realised that most of our friends, family and clients heads were spinning. They were having a lot of difficulty accessing easy to understand, up-to-date information about healthy eating. So we set out to simplify food and so came about Happy Apple Nutrition!

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  • Reach Your Health Goals

    Faster and easier with our simple and lifestyle friendly approach.

  • Eliminate Confusion

    With so much conflicting advice out there, you’ll get only the best most up to date nutrition solutions from us.

  • Never Feel Alone

    We are your very own nutrition coach, supporting you and guiding you to reach your goals and stay on track.

  • Save Time & Money

    Forget complex, expensive and hard to maintain eating plans. We’ll show you how to eat well in a way that fits with your busy lifestyle.

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