FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD— so simple, yet so confusing!!

Whilst nutrition information is readily available it is often confusing, conflicting and filled with endless rules “eat this, don’t eat that, eat so many times per day, eat this with that but not with that!!” it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!!!

We realised that most of our friends, family and clients heads were spinning. They were having a lot of difficulty accessing easy to understand, up-to-date information about healthy eating… So we set out to un-complicate, un-mystify and more importantly simplify food and so came about Happy Apple Nutrition!!!!

“Healthy eating is a way of life, so it’s important to establish routines that are simple, realistic and ultimately livable.”

Our aim is to inspire, educate and empower you. Through our website http://happyapplenutrition.com, e-books, live events, blogs, product reviews, newsletters, instagram and facebook.


What’s new in 2018 for Happy Apple Nutrition

With the New Year comes new and exciting adventures for Happy Apple Nutrition!

We had a very busy 2017 with the birth of gorgeous little Jack, the pregnancy and soon to be arrival of baby Humbert, a huge rebranding, many new service collaboration as well as some solid work and improvements on our business as a whole!

We are so excited for 2018, not only to meet baby Humbert of course 🤗, but to announce our new consulting rooms and our beautiful new team member…

We are now consulting out of DASH (Daintree Allied and Specialist Health) in Wodonga two days per week and will also be servicing the brand new Alpine Allied Health Hub in Myrtleford!

So with the addition of these services to our current work load this has meant we have had to add to our team with the amazingly talented, very knowledgeable and all round champion Victoria Burmeister! Vic (as we know her) is returning to the Border after spending the last two years working and travelling overseas. We cannot wait for Vic to join our team at Happy Apple Nutrition and look forward having her share her knowledge with you all!

We have been so overwhelmed with the amazing feedback we have received from all of our Facebook followers who have been watching our videos and keeping up with our posts. This is one way we can really give back into the community. So please if you have any questions be sure to let us know, we love hearing about what YOU want to know!

So after a great 2017, we want wish you all the very best for the New Year and we look forward to what 2018 may bring!

Ellen and Shanayde

Weekend Warrior- Active Downtime 

What’s on your to do list this weekend? For many of us our lives are so busy that the only downtime we get is our weekend. But downtime doesn’t necessary have to mean sit down time!!!

For a lot of us downtime means watching tv, movies or dining out,most of which are associated with food/eating. This is of course completely ok, but pay attention to exactly how much time you spend sitting down and/or eating on your weekends because often it can get a tad out of hand (I know from personal experience).

For those who may have a sedentary office job (like me!!!) or for those who haven’t quite managed to add intentional exercise to their weekday routine, some active downtime on the weekend is a must!

Here are some examples of what I like to call active downtime;

  • Shopping
  • Walking into town to meet your friends for coffee 
  • Social tennis game with family or friends 
  • Playing with your pet
  • Gardening (if you find gardening enjoyable that is)
  • Bushwalking 
  • Light bike ride 

So do something for your health and schedule some active downtime into your weekend!!!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! 🙂

Chloe- Happy Apple Dietitian 

“Can we play now mum?”
Bailey and I playing one weekend.. CAAAATCH!!!